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13-09-2023 11:10 DÜNYA




Based on his sensitivity to the increasing climate crisis and forest fires in recent years, Dr. AYAVEFE stated that their investments will increase gradually to protect nature and prevent forest fires.


Businessman and scientist, Dr. Yaşam AYAVEFE has rolled up their sleeves regarding the climate crisis, one of the most important problems of our time. Establishing an expert team working on unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, Dr. AYAVEFE continues its prototype studies for the production of special drones with software focused on agricultural activities to prevent and extinguish possible fires, such as greening and seeding, mapping and modeling, spraying, collection, and possible fires.


“We should aim to produce smarter, not more.”

Stating that the most important problem of today and tomorrow is not approaching nature rationally, Dr. AYAVEFE: “Nothing we have today or anything we can have tomorrow has no meaning unless we have clean air to breathe, food to eat, and clean soil to live on safely. Every production and supply chain in the world is primarily dependent on nature. Pandemics and natural disasters in recent years have shown how nature takes revenge on us in this way. To be at peace with nature, we must show that we use our technology for it, not against it. In this respect, we are proud to offer our customized unmanned aerial vehicles to the service of humanity.” he said.


The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Agriculture is Increasing

Thanks to the studies in recent years, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture has increased significantly. Planning of agricultural activities, soiling, fertilization and spraying, tracking of maturation, and collection of products can be done using unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, important studies are carried out on issues such as the management of forests, the prevention of forest fires, and the detection and improvement of any disease in trees.


Which Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Are Used in Agriculture?

Drones, which are remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles, are generally used in agriculture. Drones, together with their spectral camera system and software based on machine learning, are vehicles that can perform imaging, transport, and spray operations by desired targets and can make many flights in a certain period. Although drones were used in military technologies until recently, they can now be used in agricultural activities, logistics, and other private sector activities.


Drones for a Green Future

Thanks to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to manage the climate crisis, agricultural activities in line with sustainable development goals can be carried out. In addition to drone technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning theories, visual and auditory detection systems, and software for creating projections are different technologies that can be used both about and independently of drones.


The Future is Ours! Living in a Green Environment is a Necessity of Human Rights!

Every human being must carry out technology development studies in the name of protective and remedial measures for the planet we live on. In this respect, Dr. The increase of people like Yaşam AYAVEFE and their team and similar initiatives will ensure that the studies carried out to protect the environment become more widespread. Sad forest fires and loss of green space can easily be prevented by increasing policies and grants to encourage the use of affordable and efficient technologies for this type of production. Forests are important not only to increase oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also to protect the biological diversity of living things. From Australian forest fires to Marmaris, we encounter many sad pictures. In this respect, it is necessary to support scientists and business people who aim at such technological developments to protect innocent animals, preserve the general wealth of countries, and use our natural resources efficiently. These support projects are also possible by announcing the relevant studies in national and international fields. Therefore, a single protective step can bring us peace with our planet by providing multiple benefits. Thanks, Dr. Thanks to Yaşam AYAVEFE and everyone and every institution that uses the latest technologies that are the product of humanity to protect nature!

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